Breath of fresh air

On a bicycle

Are you a leisure rider or true competitor? La Manche attracts cyclists of all abilities and of all kinds: on a road bicycle or a mountain bike, cycling is a great way to explore the department: There are 1200 km of waymarked bike trails, a bikeway from Cherbourg to Mont Saint-Michel, and 230 km of greenways (voies vertes)… Check out the bikeways available in la Manche with our maps and guides. If you don’t have your own bike, find out from our list where you can hire your equipment.

Tour de Manche

The Tour de Manche is a 1200 km itinerary along the coast of Brittany, offering a succession of exceptional and iconic sites including the Pink Granite Coast and Cap Fréhel.

The cycling route links up Brittany and Normandy to Dorset and Devon, two very popular counties in the South-West of England.
The Petit Tour de Manche, takes cyclists on an epic journey to Mont St-Michel and along the Dorset Jurassic Coast, both listed World Heritage by UNESCO. The route offers a visit of the Emerald Coast, the Vire Valley and the Regional Nature Park of Cotentin and Bessin. A stopover in beautiful Jersey and a visit to the D-Day Beaches in Normandy is also an option.

Cycle route from the D-Day beaches to Mont Saint-Michel

The cycle route links key D-Day sites to Mont-Saint-Michel, offering an opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery and discover Normandy’s cultural and historical heritage as you ride through marshland and bocage countryside.

Accessible to all, the route consists of greenways for more than half of the way and small country roads. Three starting points are possible :

Utah Beach, Port-en-Bessin or Arromanches-les-Bains. A captivating cycling adventure offering some of the key sites of Normandy.

La Véloscénie, a bicycle route from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel

“La Véloscénie” is a beautiful new itinerary, offering an ideal cycling route of more than 450 km of cycling paths, greenways and way-marked country lanes.

From Notre-Dame-de Paris, take a gentle ride from châteaux to gardens and from nature parks to picturesque villages, until you finally reach Mont Saint-Michel, listed World Heritage by UNESCO. During a week end or a cycling holiday, discover on the way some of the most beautiful French heritage and landscapes: the park of Sceaux, the château and gardens of Versailles, the château of Maintenon, the cathedral of Chartres, the Marcel Proust gardens, the château of Carrouges, the thermal baths of Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, and the nature parks of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse, Perche and Normandie-Maine…
An exceptional and rejuvenating journey through the northwest of France!


On Mountain bike

Whether you are passionate about the sport or after just a bit of fun, you will be spoilt for choice with the many rugged trails of la Manche. Enjoy a thrilling ride while taking in the stunning scenery at every turn!

Walks, rambles and rides

La Manche is a land worth exploring: paths, green ways, mountain bike trails, guided walks across the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, horse-riding trails, climbing… With more than 7000km of trails, discover the West of Normandy in your own way, at your own pace. Whether you choose to explore the Regional Nature Park of Cotentin and Bessin, the Coutances area, the Mortain country, the Vire Valley or the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, there are plenty of exceptional sites to be seen.

GR223 – The coastal path

The GR 223, better known as “Sentier des Douaniers” or coastal path is a 446 km foot path, linking Carentan to Mont-Saint-Michel.

With the marshland of Cotentin, the bocage countryside, the cliffs of La Hague and its long sandy beaches, la Manche is a destination full of wonderful surprises. You can choose to set off on a walking holiday or simply explore one of the stages.

The paths of Saint-Michel

For centuries, pilgrims from diverse backgrounds flocked by the thousands to Mont-Saint-Michel, thus weaving a dense network of routes called the “Chemins Montais”.

Defying time, Mont Saint-Michel has always been the focal point for thousands of pilgrims and visitors. Founded in the eighth century by Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, it was with Rome, Saint-Jacques de Compostela and Jerusalem one of the four largest pilgrimage shrines of medieval Christianity. Part of this network is found in la Manche: the paths of Cherbourg and the paths of Barfleur.


On horse-back

La Manche is horse country! On horseback or in a horse-drawn cart, explore La Manche at your own pace! You can canter along the beach, trot down country lanes, cross the bay of Mont Saint-Michel… Western Normandy is horse breeding country and offers landscapes and coastal areas ideal for horse-riding.

Long distance trails

La Manche is horse country! On horseback or in a horse-drawn cart, explore La Manche at your own pace!

Horse riding

At the seaside

355 km of coast, the sea as far as the eyes can see, beaches, the creeks. The department of « La manche » live at the rythm of the tides. By the seaside, you will be able to fish, to navigate to th island, do many nautical activities and wind-related. La manche, in Normandie, is punctuatued with nautical spots. In the Cotentin, go to cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Sciotot, Siouville, Agon-Coutainville are renowned for the surf and the bodyboard, as Carolles in the south of la manche. You will also find nautical centers at Utah beach, Coutainville, Hauteville sur mer, Granville, etc.

Water sports

Sea-kayaking, surfing, diving, rowing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, yachting, “longe côte”, kite-surfing, jet-skiing… Above water, under water, on the beach… there are plenty of activities waiting for you! Boating licenses, introductory courses, sailing schools, surfing lessons… you will find here all of the useful addresses for an action-packed holiday on the coast of la Manche!