Bayeux is only 35 minutes from our B&B and holiday accommodation. Home to the world famous Bayeux tapestry, this lovely town is certainly one of our favourite places in this beautiful area of Normandy. Bayeux - the ... MORE

Brecourt Manor Assault

The Brecourt Manor assault, depicted in the hit television series Band of Brothers, witnessed fierce fighting on D-Day. The battle that took place here can be seen in the second episode, "The Day of Days". At ... MORE


Only 15 minutes from Carentan, our bed & breakfast accommodation and holiday cottages are ideally located for exploring this historic town. Located in the La Manche department of Normandy, Carentan witnessed fierce f ... MORE

Dead Man's Corner Museum

Dead Man's Corner Museum at Saint Come Du Mont is located between Utah Beach and Carentan. This is a fantastic place to visit for fans of Band of Brothers. It is just 10 minutes from our cottages and bed & breakfas ... MORE

Longues Sur Mer

Longues Sur Mer, one of our favourite World War 2 places to visit, is the location of a former German long range artillery battery. Part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall, the battery at Longues Sur Mer was completed in April 1 ... MORE

Omaha Beach American Cemetery

It is not possible not to be moved by the rows and rows of graves that great you when you enter the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach. This cemetery is now the final resting place for nearly 10,000 American soldiers, ai ... MORE

Pointe Du Hoc

Part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall, Pointe Du Hoc was constructed by the German Todt Organisation and is situated between Utah Beach and Omaha Beach. This battery consisted of six casemates that housed captured French 155mm ... MORE

Port En Bessin

Port En Bessin is situated between the two D-Day landing beaches: Omaha and Gold. This village was liberated on the morning of June 8th 1944 by British Commandos, linking up with American troops from the 29th Division. T ... MORE

Sainte Marie Du Mont

Ivy House is only a few minutes from Sainte Marie Du Mont. This is the closest village to our home and during the high season, there is a tourist information office that opens on certain days; this is located next to the ... MORE

Sainte Mere Eglise

Sainte Mere Eglise and La Fiere are just 15 minutes from our bed & breakfast and holiday vacation rentals. The town made famous by the film "The Longest Day", is an extremely popular tourist destination; es ... MORE

Utah Beach

As part of Operation Overlord, Utah Beach was the code name given to the westernmost landing beach for the invasion of Normandy in 1944. The allied forces had planned to use it as the evacuation point if the invasion had ... MORE