Bird watching in the La Manche department of Normandy is extremely popular due to the fantastic marshlands of the Cotentin National Park.

The Park offers a spectacular backdrop for viewing and photographing various species of birds; the migration periods in spring and autumn are especially interesting.

Within this nature reserve, there are a number of disused railway lines that offer a great opportunity to go off the beaten track. The miles of off road tracks allow you to walk or cycle to the many beautiful areas in the this wonderful parkland.

The marshlands, or marais in French, are havens for all sorts of wildlife, including numerous species of birds. The scenery is beautiful, especially as the sun goes down.

We are ideally located to explore the beautiful countryside, marshlands and coastlines in this wonderful region of France. Our house is surrounded by lovely open fields and the sands of the beach are just 5 minutes walk away.

We look forward to welcoming you to our historic home.


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