The Band of Brothers is a television mini series that follows the experiences of the soldiers of Easy Company. Easy Company were part of the 101st American Airborne Division who parachuted into Normandy at the start of the allied invasion on June 6th 1944. Many of the men who dropped into Normandy on that fateful night would go on to fight all the way to Germany; ultimately witnessing the collapse of the Third Reich.

Each episode of the ten part series depicts the battles, the real life characters and their struggles when faced with extraordinary conditions.

In the early episodes, the focus is on the D-Day drop into Normandy and the subsequent battles. In the second episode, "Day of Days", the parachute drop is depicted in graphic detail; many of the aeroplanes being destroyed even before the men inside had the chance to jump. Those who did survive the drop were scattered all over the Normandy countryside.

Many of the men were lost and it took a considerable amount of time before they regrouped to commence the battle.

Once the men of Easy Company regrouped, their commanding officer, Lieutenant Richard Winters, was given orders to disable a German artillery position at Brecourt Manor; this battery shelled the men and equipment unloading at Utah Beach. The Manor is a few kilometres inland, between Utah Beach and the small village of Sainte Marie Du Mont.

Once the artillery had been silenced, the soldiers took some much needed rest at Sainte Marie Du Mont. This was the first village in France to be liberated. The next stop for the men would be Carentan.

This town was of great strategic importance to both the Americans and the Germans. The axis forces had set up their defensive positions with German paratroopers. These soldiers were strong opposition to the advancing Americans and the town would not fall without a struggle.

The battle scenes depicted in the TV series have made tourism in Normandy extremely popular. Each year, thousands of people visit there to follow in the footsteps of those brave men of the American Airborne Divisions.

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